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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mobile Computing with a Lasting Style Impression

Taipei, Taiwan, August 1, 2007 – With the staunch belief that good design enhances the consumer experience, ASUS launches the F8 notebook series with the revolutionary Infusion technology. An all round mobile computing workhorse based on the latest platform with advanced graphics solutions, the F8 is sophisticated inside-out with robustness, state-of-the-art computing technologies and unique aesthetics.
ASUS Infusion Technology The Infusion Technology is a cutting edge manufacturing process used to produce the unique designs laptop surfaces... Being inlaid within the chassis itself, the motifs are an integral part of the entire laptop and will not fade with time. The Infusion surface also provides a new level of resilience, resisting scratches while looking sleek that the notebook is not only a trusty companion on the road; it also offers greater pleasure to work with.
Mobile Multimedia Equipped with a Hybrid TV tuner, the F8 gives the user maximum versatility with the ability to take advantage of both digital and analog signals. A card type remote control is incorporated, in line with the chic portability of the F8 lifestyle, giving the user the ability to take charge of entertainment while being easily carried. In addition, a built-in swivel webcam allows instant high-resolution face to face communication without the hassle of external connections and messy wires.
Unparalleled Gaming To power the most demanding 3D intense games, the F8 is equipped with abundant graphics power with top of the line specifications, including the latest Intel Core2 Duo processors, up to 2GB of DDR2 memory, DirectX 10 support and a choice of the most powerful graphics processing systems currently available: the world’s first ATI Mobility Radeon HD2600 or the NVIDIA GeForce8600M GS, each graphics engine stocked with 512MB and 256MB of physical VRAM, respectively. Seamless Security To give business travelers peace of mind, the F8 features safeguards that combine high-level security with ease of use. The fingerprint authentication allows for heavy duty security of data with the convenience of a finger swipe. The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) encrypts data, password retention and system log on for added data protection measures.

Brand New DVD! Flash CS3 For Designers

Whether you're a complete Flash beginner or someone wanting to quickly get up to speed with the new Features in Flash CS3 and ActionScript 3, this video is for you!
Do you want to learn Flash from the ground up? Add videos to your webpage easily, add elegant animations, photo galleries and more. These kinds of thing are now within your reach. This video walks you through the entire Flash Application... It's an A-Z guide to using Flash. Even if you have never used Flash Before, this video will get you creating Flash projects in no time at all. This video is created with the designer in mind. You'll learn all the actionscript you need to get started developing Rich Internet sites, even if you have no programming experience. It's easier that you thought to learn Flash, and no, it doesn't have to be boring and difficult.
All the lesson files, Flash files, videos, sounds and photos are included so you have what the instructor has! This video is designed to provide an intensive (but easy to follow) crash-course in Flash CS3. Learn the latest version of Adobe Flash and jump into ActionScript 3 today!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Sony Ericsson S550 is similar to the W580, but the different is S550 without walkman branding. It comes loaded with 2 megapixel integrated camera, media player, stereo Bluetooth and a slim 14mm thin body.
It's quadband GSM so might even see it in North America.The S550 will be available in two colours option; Mysterious Green and Spring Yellow.
Sony Ericsson also announced two other handsets one available in North American variant.T250 is a low end candybar style handset featuring a VGA camera and FM radio. It will be available in both 850/1900 GSM and 900/1800 GSM.
The other last handset announced isn't not for North America its a Triband GSM / UMTS 2100 handset featuring 3.2 megapixel camera camera with auto focus and stereo Bluetooth.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Battery Lovers

Between so many produser of rechargeable battery, Sanyo -Japan Electronic Produsen- is one of the the biggest battery produser which is to market rechargeable battery to all over the world with AA type and 2500mA capacity, and you'll find it included with battery and charge package.

You can chose what type do you want to, 1Hour charger is quick recharge or Mini Charger that can only charge two battery and Refresh Charger is the type that save battery power with decrease the batter power that not fully charger condition.

The dry plate process

A major disadvantage with the wet plate process was that the plates had to be prepared on site.
The gelatin dry plate negative soon replaced the wet collodion method as it could be made in advance.

1. A glass plate was coated with a gelatin emulsion instead of collodion to make the plate light-sensitive. This was made by mixing melted gelatin with a halide such as silver nitrate.

2. The plate was then dried and store. The gelatin emulsion never completely dried out.

3. After exposure the image was fixed in a solution of hypo.

4. Finnaly the negative was washed.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Universal Symbol of Colour

violet for state = splendour glory or highness, magnificence

indigo for science = knowledge

blue for truth = truly

green for research = research or development

yellow for creation = create, creator

orange for progress = progress or grow

red for poetry = poetry or persajakan.